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Business Plans are created with provided information from the client. They are not audits or guarantees of future performance. Lenders should do their own procedures and due diligence to verify information. In addition, lenders or investors should use their own credit criteria to evaluate any credit worthiness.

At least a 50% deposit is required before any work is begun. This is to protect both the client and the provider.  Business plans can and do vary from the first stage to the final stage. Sending a retainer indicates that we have the final go ahead on the project. This protects the client so they know when work officially begins on the project.

Please let us know your deadlines or timelines. We will do the best to accommodate them. However, realize that 24 hour turn around on a 30 page formal business plan is rather unlikely. If you absolutely need a business plan that quickly, consider a software program or an app. There are quite a few of them on the market.

Payments are currently accepted through Paypal.

Business plans are produced in InDesign which produces a PDF downloadable copy.

If your company has a style guide, please forward it to me. Specify text size and fonts if you have specific requirements. Colors may vary with monitors and printers. If you have specific color request, please specify the Pantone color. Logos and images should be in an electronic file that I can upload to InDesign.

With the quote, I send an information request to you.  It asks a lot of questions about the company purpose, leaders, history, and the mission goals.  I may ask for other documents based on our initial conversations/emails.  That information helps form the framework of the business plan and financial projections.

I’ve found there are three main reasons for leaving answers blank on the information request.  One: If there is something that is non-applicable mark: N/A.  Two: If there is something that you do not know the answer too, please mark that down as well.  Third:  You are working on getting the information, mark that down.

All provided information is confidential and is never provided to third parties.



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Laura Dodson

Laura Dodson, CPA is a Seattle Financial Planning & Analysis consultant.She has attended Western Washington University, Pierce College and Bates Technical College. She has written four accounting instructional books. She has worked for small family businesses, mid-sized businesses and a Fortune 500 company.She founded and operated Blue Stone Accounting LLC for five years.She currently runs Paper Butterfly Forge LLC.
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