Do Zero Based Budgets on Focus on Short Term Goals?

Posted on October 29, 2015 By

Zero based budgets can be a great way to beat the sawdust out of a budget.  The principles of zero based budgeting are pretty simple.  Each year or month that you prepare a budget, start with zero information.  Starting with zero information, instead of using comparables from previous months or years, forces the preparer to…

Specific Goals!

Posted on October 26, 2015 By

When I meet with someone for the first time about their business, I ask, what is their goal?  Usually the answer is a smattering of life/work balance/ successful business/adequate funding.  However, that is not very specific. In the past week I’ve talked to several people.  I’ve asked them all ‘how many hours they wanted to…

What is an Request for Proposal (RFP)?

Posted on October 14, 2015 By

A Request for Proposal (RFP) is a formal request for vendor bids to provide services or materials.  It might be for a governmental, business or non-profit organization that is requesting the vendor information and prices.  Why is it used?  It’s a great way to provide uniform information to all vendors. What are the essential elements…

Future Capacity Building Planning

Posted on October 9, 2015 By

Rethinking the box we find ourselves in day and day out can be difficult.  Even exceptionally smart folks find themselves in a box.  Ask them how they are doing, and it couldn’t be better.  They actually enjoy working on moribund products, outdated computer systems, and making buggy whips. An example is the world wide switching…

Critical Path Management (CPM)

Posted on September 15, 2015 By

What is Critical Path Management (CPM)?  It’s an essential part of determining a project management timeline.  It was originally developed in the 1940’s and was implemented developed by the Manhatten project, Dupont and other large corporations. The mathmatical equations have changed since it was created, however, the thought process and logic are essential. A simple…

Fixing a Website Problem

Posted on September 14, 2015 By

This weekend at about four in the morning I decided to check on a promotion that I was doing for another website. (  It’s getting towards christmas and the holiday shopping season and I wanted to see how the facebook advertising was going. Doing that check resulted in about six hours of work when I…

Why am I independent?

Posted on September 11, 2015 By

I’ve had any number of people ask me this over the now six years that I left corporate america.  I’ve had plenty of answers to that question.  It was a multi-layered reason for leaving. I knew that there had to be a better option than being in a grey cubicle for 8 hours a day….

Disagree with the Financial Analysis Results?

Posted on September 9, 2015 By

When you receive a financial analysis report or spreadsheet sometimes the results don’t always make sense.  There can be many reasons for that.  The reasons can fall into two camps: The data was flawed. The conclusions from the perfect data were incorrect. Of course, both items can be incorrect at the same time.  But suggestions…

Penciling out a Grant Request

Posted on September 5, 2015 By

This week I’ve been working on getting some grant requests up and running.  I had a few thoughts that I would like to share.  These thoughts aren’t just about this week, but in a theme of issues that I see year round.  🙂 Have clear goal for the grant request.  Is this something that you…

Start up Inventory For Retail Gift Store

Posted on September 1, 2015 By

Starting up a new gift store can be challenging. One choice is how much product needs to be order. Too little and the customers will keep on walking. Too much and your inventory will sit for months.  Let’s quantify how much is needed for a basic opening amount. The first step is to map out…