Is being a QuickBooks ProAdvisor worth it?

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Is being a QuickBooks ProAdvisor worth it?

For those of you who haven’t heard of this membership program, Intuit has a paid membership that anyone can buy.  Of course most people who join are CPA’s or Bookkeepers.

With the paid membership, you get

  • Free Software that costs in Excess of the Membership
  • Certification Courses
  • Listing in the Find a ProAdvisor Website
  • Access to Intuit Advanced Help Desk

Now, I’m sure the ProAdvisor Team would list a few more advantages.  ie.  Marketing Materials, etc.  However, I would like to talk about the items that really make a difference for most Bookkeepers or CPAs.

The price of the program is fast approaching $600 per year.  So by golly, you should reap some benefits from it.

Software:  Do you receive more than $600.00 in software?  It depends.  If you are using QB Desktop exclusively, maybe the POS and Enterprise versions might be necessary.  However, the ability to send Accountant’s Copy’s through Intuit’s system might be more convenient.

The Accountant’s version bought at a big box store is about $350 to $400 at most office supply stores.

Certification Courses:  (CPE)  There are over 16 hours of CPE courses available.  Perhaps you are used to paying a great deal more and that is a bargain.

The Certification Courses then qualify you to listed on the Find A ProAdvisor Website.

Is the Find A ProAdvisor website worth it?  Well, you can find all sorts of testimonials on the Intuit website about how much business people have received.

  • I generally found the people called because they were price shopping
  • The help desk hadn’t helped them.
  • When you only have a few certifications, you are at the bottom of the list.  Therefore, those at the top get most of the business.
  • Bottom line, I wouldn’t count on the website filling your Sales Funnel unless you have purchased the annual subscription for years.

Which brings us to the Help Desk.

  • You have to get a certain number of certifications to qualify for the US based Help Desk.
  • The US based Help Desk is closed during evening hours.
  • There have been many recent complaints about the help desk quality issues.
  • There have been recent statements that Intuit is going to improve the experience.

Bottom line, I don’t really call it that much.  However, I’d like some actual help when I need it.

So is the QuickBooks ProAdvisor program worth it?  I think that depends on what is important to you.  Some bookkeepers feel that a badge is what draws in the business.  Other bookkeepers think that it’s a waste of money to purchase it.

Just keep in mind your business plan and how you would like to be presented.

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