Luck or Preparation?

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Is it lucky when a product or service goes viral?  Sometimes, it might be luck.  However, if you prepare, plan, and execute, it’s much more likely that any project, stretch or crowdfunding project will be more successful.

Without effective planning; it’s much less likely to go viral.  The old school way of going viral was to get your product or serviced discussed on the Oprah Winfrey show.  That’s no longer around, so getting mentioned on The Today Show or it’s sister morning shows is it’s almost like that.

Is it getting mentioned enough on popular media enough to make a product or service a success?  I think not.  An anonymous former client of mine was fortunate enough to get featured on The Oprah Show.  As soon as she left the studio; her calls and emails were given the automated response treatment.  Is it because her product wasn’t worth featuring?  Nope, it’s a delightful product.

If you have a plan besides, ‘get on shark tank’, get on ‘the today show’, or viral youtube video; your products will be more positioned for success.  Betting the farm on some third party, it a traditional hope, but most products don’t get that exposure.  And there are plenty of successful books, products, and kickstarters that never receive that exposure or publicity.

Service Marketing

A detailed service business marketing plan will have:

  • Ideal Client Description
  • Sales Funnel
  • Client pre-qualification
  • Opportunity for Multiple Contacts with Prospects to Build Trust

Social Media can be part of the plan.  However, for some ideal clients, they don’t participate in social media.  Twitter isn’t for them.  It does no good to have an active twitter account, if your ideal client thinks it’s a waste of time.

HR Planning

A detailed employee expansion plan might have positions, titles, and responsibilities penciled out.  A detailed HR plan might include actual benefits prices, vacation time, and an employee handbook.  A detailed manufacturing expansion might include manufacturing location expense, utilities, improvements and other factory expenses.

It might be great to say, we want to expand our sales force by 20% next month.  But saying that you want to hire one sales lead, two salespeople and one marketing admin, is a bit more focused.

Manufacturing Planning

Is it lucky when a factory can scale to twice it’s size in six months?  It isn’t luck that tracks down reliable material sources and vendors.  It isn’t luck that increases the warehouse floor space.  It might be lucky to track down a manager that makes all that effortlessly happen.

Plan to be successful without hope or luck.  Luck will happen, but only to those that are poised to take advantage of it.

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Laura Dodson

Laura Dodson, CPA is a Seattle Financial Planning & Analysis consultant.She has attended Western Washington University, Pierce College and Bates Technical College. She has written four accounting instructional books. She has worked for small family businesses, mid-sized businesses and a Fortune 500 company.She founded and operated Blue Stone Accounting LLC for five years.She currently runs Paper Butterfly Forge LLC.
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