What is an Request for Proposal (RFP)?

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A Request for Proposal (RFP) is a formal request for vendor bids to provide services or materials.  It might be for a governmental, business or non-profit organization that is requesting the vendor information and prices.  Why is it used?  It’s a great way to provide uniform information to all vendors.

What are the essential elements of a RFP?

  • Asking for a Quote for a Service or Product.
  • Clarity
  • Quantity
  • Time Frame
  • Deliverables
  • Intangibles
  • History
  • Background
  • Project Parameters
  • Contact information
  • Application Deadlines

Many governments, non-profits, and large companies use RFPs.  They serve an essential part of the vendor search process.  It’s a formal long form document that can clarify and describe the needed work.

It’s important to carefully read the contract requirements and contact information.  It’s possible there might be a prior approval need to apply for the RFP, the Request for Information (RFI), an approved vendor’s list, or be entered into a specific database.

Helpful hints in responding to RFPs.

  • Look at other awarded RFPs from that same government or entity for guidance
  • Describe the volume that you can provide
  • Mirror the same vocabulary.  Ex. DOD contracts use specific terminology.
  • Research anything that is not obvious.
  • Describe the effectiveness of your delivery, products or services.
  • Describe how those items will fulfill the RFP.  Be careful not to promise the moon.
  • Read blogs/articles from the government or entity.

Here are some helpful items that help you create an accurate quote:

  • Create a project management costing sheet to quantify the project.  Once the contract is signed, your profit and loss may be predetermined.
  • Know the difference between different shipping terms.
  • Know industry buzzwords.
  • Call the contract officer if you have any questions.
  • Add an adequate gross margin.
  • Know which expenses will be reimbursed and which will not.
  • Create an adequate labor structure costing model.
  • Accurately quote labor costs and hours
  • Determine profit margin and IRR

Let us know if you need help with this process.  We create an effective plan and response to RFPs.

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Laura Dodson

Laura Dodson, CPA is a Seattle Financial Planning & Analysis consultant.She has attended Western Washington University, Pierce College and Bates Technical College. She has written four accounting instructional books. She has worked for small family businesses, mid-sized businesses and a Fortune 500 company.She founded and operated Blue Stone Accounting LLC for five years.She currently runs Paper Butterfly Forge LLC.
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